Software Development

Payroll Management system (with and without Biometric)

It is a breakthrough HRMS solution designed to help to competitive market requirements by achieving cutting edge automation. The integrated software covers every aspect of Shift (Day and Night), Attendance, In-Out, Leave, Over Time, Esi, PF and all GOVT FORM statements can get instantly, etc.

In a company, payroll is the sum of all financial records of salaries for an employee, wages, bonuses and deductions. In accounting, payroll refers to the amount paid to employees for services they provided during a certain period of time. Payroll plays a major role in a company for several reasons.

This applications helps to maintain pay slips, pay sheets, pay summaries, salary advancement’s, fixed allowance and deductions, monthly allowance and deduction’s, over time calculation’s, no pay deduction, payee tax report, OT, no pay detailed report, late minutes deduction report, signature sheets, loanmaintenance, coin analysis, salary pay to bank