Software Development

Textile ERP (Dyeing, Warping, Sizing, Weaving and Finishing)


About this product Enterprise Resource Planning is Software for running a business. ERP was coined as an extension of the concept of manufacturing resource-planning (MRP) software, which automated the process of keeping a manufacturing line supplied with materials to meet incoming orders. Enterprise Resource Planning is the latest high-end solution information technology has lent to business application


We are providing ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions - seek to integrate the business processes involving eight critical areas in the textile production planning which includes raw material, finance, payroll, inventory, quality, sales and plant maintenance and this products have

  • Design Creation
  • Order Booking
  • Yarn Procurement
  • Dyeing (Grey Purchase, Machine Program, Cheese wind, Dyeing, Hydro, Drier, Cone winding, Dye/Chemical issue, Quality Check and Dispatch)
  • Warping
  • Sizing
  • Weaving
  • Washing
  • Final Inspection
  • Packing
  • Dispatch
  • Invoice

Material Requirement Planning

Inventory Control

Quality Control 


Distribution Planning

Finished Goods Inventory


Spinning Mill Management (Cotton & Yarn)

CGT Software & Transcription Pvt. Ltd in its pursuit offers a comprehensive range of ERP Software

solutions specific to Spinning Mills Management, Developed in the latest Client/Server Technology using

Oracle/SQL Server and VB6.0 / VB.NET as a front end tool. 

Product Description

Separate systems are developed for each of the locations, factories, offices. Data can be exchanged

between those disconnected modules. There will be two main systems, one for the mill and other for the

head office. Each of these two locations will have their own separate local area network and local central

database. Other two offices may use stand-alone computers for their specific needs.

This software covers following areas

 Cotton &Yarn Accounting

 Production System ( Cotton waste contract ->Mixing -> Conversion->Re-usable->Process

and Un-process waste->Godown Stock)

 Maintenance Software System

 Inventory Control Software System (Stores)