Software Development

Hospital Management System (Cyber Health Care Manager)

Need of multispecialty hospitals in increasing, so does the complexity of their administration. There are so many departments and patients to be managed & it is not possible to keep manual records. So, the need of a Hospital Management System (HMS) comes into picture. At CG Transcribe Solutions Pvt Ltd we develop Healthcare Management as according to your requirement. We have both standard and customized solutions, right from small clinics to multispecialty hospitals. Some of the major functions of Healthcare Management include following:

  • Inpatient management
  • Outpatient management
  • Billing management
  • Payroll management
  • Pharmacy management
  • Inventory management
  • Emergency services
  • Accounts management


Inventory Management System (Stores & Stock Maintenance)

Stock inventory and Sales Billing is a breakthrough ERP solution designed to help engineering manufacturers align to competitive market requirements by achieving cutting edge automation. It enables cycle time reduction, improvement of process efficiencies & lowering cost of manufacture. It offers features that no other apparel manufacturing software does since it has been designed to address problems faced by the industry & not just achieve the simplistic goal of automation. The integrated software covers every aspect of Purchase, Sales, Accounts, Stock Inventory, and Production


Poultry Management System (Commercial & Retail)

About this product

Breeder Management System is designed for those industries who want to get high production from breeder/Layer batch. It monitors breeder/Layer farm like doctor and revert if any unnatural condition occurs. This module is designed to record all the transactions and activities involved in a breeder farm, these solutions integrate Flock Performance, Purchases, Sales, Expenses, Feed Formulation, Feed Production, Medicine Purchase, Medicine Issue and Accounting.


Hen house production and standards.

  • Mortality Ratio.
  • Daily Flock entry Details.
  • This system help to maintain flock uniform.
  • Vaccination Schedule will help to do vaccine as per time table
  • Get every report that is in your mind.
  • Get FCR, CFCR, Mortality %, Medicine Cost, Production Cost, Day Gain, Feed Cost and Farmer Performance
  • Setup various broiler breeds and relative target weights for age
  • Monitor weight gains and performance efficiency
  • Keep lifetime record of each poultry flock or house with mortality percentages, feed consumption
  • Compare costs by poultry flock to identify problems in particular flock
  • Calculate feed consumption based on feed allocated to flock
  • Record medical costs and treatments for each flock
  • Graph key performance indicators
  • Plan daily and monthly for various tasks to be performed
  • Produce a Summary report of actual vs targets of weight, mortality, feed usage, sales and expenses


RFID Reader Solutions

At CGT Software & Transcription Pvt. Ltd, we offer RFID Reader Solutions, a wireless technology that is widely used for supply chain management and inventory management. This technology utilizes a RFID tag attached to an object, which when passes through a RFID reader, emits RF signals and gives the information embedded in the tag for object identification. We have been providing our RFID reader solutions to major corporate since long and have immense expertise doing this. We are specialized in customizing the RFID reader solutions according to client’s requirements. We have also taken up big project with Western Command Chandimandir for integration of RFID on a large basis.


Smart Card Solutions

Smart cards have become the need of the day and are now used commonly including shopping malls, banks, schools, metro stations, eating points and banks. These are small plastic cards with an integrated chip that allows reading when swiped through a smart card reader. Smart cards have their usage in a number of applications like dispensing money from ATM (debit or credit card), transportation (metro train card), loyalty programs (membership card) and campus or premise access cards (ID cards), etc. We, Cybrain Software Solutions, provide smart card solutions for different industries and domains. We integrate smart cards with our Cyberschool Manager, CyberInstitute Manager, CyberHealthCare Manager as ID cards.


SMS Management System

As information is a crucial thing for most businesses, especially Stock and commodity brokers, SMS solutions have become important. We provide fast and reliable bulk SMS services and SMS management system to our clients so that they can handle their campaigns in a better way. We offer both online SMS gateway and SMS sending software along with excel plug-in so that you can send messages as per your convenience. We offer highly competitive rates for our bulk SMS services. Contact us today for a free quotation.