Software Development

Biometric Attendance System

Our highly advanced biometric attendance system utilizes fingerprints to mark attendance. The use of biometric system to mark attendance is prevalent across the world including India. This system allows you keep a check on your staff and students & is useful for both security and time management purposes. We provide our biometric attendance products to schools, colleges, institutes, hospitals and corporate organizations.


These days, one can easily get Biometric time attendance system as it’s quite popular. Our USP is that we can customize it according to the client’s exiting payroll and also embed it in existing software. We can auto generate Pay Bill using Biometric machine.


Barcode Reader Embedded Solutions

We usually see a bundle of thick and thin vertical lines with varied space on most products and commodities. These are especially seen on stuff sold by big departmental stores and shopping malls where electronic billing is done. Nowadays, we can also see it on books and price tags as it is an important for inventory management tool. We provide barcode reader embedded solutions to our industry-wide clients for a number of functions like inventory control, document processing and point-of-sale operations.